Avoid the Hazards of Nannying Without Representation

It was quite a fall season with a frenzy of families hiring nannies and nanny/educators. Many nannies started positions quickly and without a great deal of consideration. It was very exciting, because nannies were more in demand than ever! However, now that the dust has settled, many nannies have found themselves in situations they didn’t expect.

Mom’s Best Friend also had a busy fall placement season, but it is our promise to never skip the steps needed to ensure that our nannies are advocated for, and properly represented. This includes:

Appropriate Responsibilities: We spend a lot of time with each family educating them, and ensuring that the duties they are asking nannies to perform for are reasonable, and in line with industry standards.

Showcasing Your Talent: We coach you in your presentation of your strengths and experiences, both in your online profile for families, and in your interview process, through our Nanny Professional Development training.

Competitive Compensation: We provide guidance for families on hourly rates, because we make sure nannies are paid what they are worth, in addition to what the market is demanding.

Benefits: All of our positions are required to provide paid vacation, sick time and holidays.

Legal Pay: We want you to be establishing credit, have a verifiable income, a legal employment history, be eligible to receive unemployment benefits, and be able to enjoy Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Clear Communication: All of our families are given a Mom’s Best Friend Employment Agreement, where they outline all of the duties, pay, benefits, vacation, and a number of other details. That way, both parties sign, and are completely clear about all expectations.

Ongoing Support: We are checking in on both nannies and families, supplying families with evaluation forms, and providing coaching and mentoring to both nannies and families as needed for continued success.

While it may be tempting to accept an offer directly from families, we encourage you to always consider partnering with us in your job search. We want to be your cheerleader, your agent, and your coach!