Chicago Night Nanny Pricing

Price of a Chicago night nanny

Nanny Pay:

When you hire a professional night nanny for your family, you will pay them $30-$35+/hour (depending on the level of expertise you require). There is a minimum of 3 nights/week for 4 weeks.

Registration Fee:

A $200 membership fee will be charged when we present you with candidates for your consideration.

Placement Fees:

Placement fees vary based on the number of nights per week that you will be utilizing a night nanny. Barring a specialized search for multiples or other customized needs, the typical weekly placement fees are:

  • $150/week for 3 nights/week or less
  • $175/week for 4 nights/week
  • $200/week for 5-7 nights/week

Please contact Kimberly Tobin at or 847.960.3962 for more information.

*Credit card fees over $1,000 will be subject to a 3% third-party payment processing fee.

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