Ashley D.'s Mom's Best Friend Experience

iStock_000005680773XSmallI have been working in childcare for as long as I can remember. After college, I moved to a new city and began searching for a nanny position. It was difficult to find a great family employer, so I searched online, found Mom’s Best Friend, and decided to try them out.

I was emailed very promptly after submitting my application and went in for an interview in the Mom’s Best Friend office. At first, I was a little nervous, because I had never worked with an agency before. My nerves were quickly put at ease once I learned more about how Mom’s Best Friend works. I was given great tips about how to best emphasize my skills and experience for my “Profile” that would be sent to potential family employers.

The screening process was extensive, but didn’t take long, and before I knew it, I was interviewing with wonderful families! I had a great connection with one family in particular and we went into what they called “trial time” to see what the job would really be like.

I am now a full time employee of the family, and it is the best nanny position I have ever had. I feel like I am a member of the family. The kids are great, and I have such a strong bond with them. I have had questions from time to time about how to handle certain situations, and the staff at Mom’s Best Friend have been so supportive and helpful. I am so glad I was able to have this experience, and I will definitely use Mom’s Best Friend for my future job searches.