Customized Meal Prep

For busy families, sometimes cooking meals can be the most challenging part of the day. When you hire a professional, you can rest assured knowing delicious breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and/or dinners can be prepared to your family’s liking.


Typical duties for a chef or cook may include:

  • Meal Planning: can range from following your favorite family recipes to creating original menus
  • Grocery Shopping (and/or ordering groceries)
  • Meal Preparation (and clean-up)
  • Organizing and Stocking: refrigerator, pantry, and cabinets
  • Entertaining: Cooking for guests at dinner parties and special events
  • Preparing meals to be stored and reheated
  • Serving/Plating (and clearing/dishes)
  • Specialty Skills (typically require special recruiting, additional time, and a higher salary):
  • Gourmet skills and experience / trained Chef (versus experience as a cook)
  • Fine-dining experience
  • Health and nutrition expertise
  • Experience/knowledge planning menus that consider allergies and/or special diets


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