National Nanny Recognition Week

Photo from The Scout Guide Austin

This week kicks off National Nanny Recognition Week! If you are looking for ways to show your nanny you appreciate them, we put a list together of 10 of our favorite picks!

1. Surprise your nanny with a paid day off! Often times nannies work odd or long hours, so this will really go a long way. Let her recharge and feel appreciated!

2. A bonus always goes a long way, and shows your nanny you think she is going above and beyond!

3. You can also give your nanny a mani/pedi or massage gift card to relax and feel extra polished.

4. If you have creative children, you can have them sing her a song! You can also record this song or a video from members of your family talking about what makes her special to them.

5. If your children enjoy arts and crafts, encourage them to make her a heartfelt card! Homemade gifts are really touching and she can keep this as a sweet reminder.

6. Your nanny may spend a lot of time preparing you and your children meals, so switch things up and treat her to her favorite restaurant!

7. Make your nanny a memory book! If you have traveled together or have lots of fun photos together, this can be a great way to preserve and remember those memories. It can also be a really fun activity for your children.

8. If you feel like you already treat your nanny, donate to a cause that is near and dear to her!

9. Throw your nanny a party! Put up some decorations, bake some sweet treats with your children, and throw on a fun playlist with music she likes. Celebrate together!

10. Give your nanny a gift card to something easy like Target or Starbucks. If they have a favorite place they frequent they will really appreciate this.

This week may be a good time to show your nanny extra appreciation, but make sure to show them love all year!