11 Outdoor Date Ideas!

Keeping Date Night Alive During Covid

Raise your hand if you could use a date with your spouse! You too? We’ve had just about enough of being cooped up, but are still wanting to stay safe during COVID, so we came up with a list of fun day and night date ideas that can help you get the break you deserve!

    • Play Mini Golf: Many mini golf establishments are currently open, and this is a really great way to get outdoors while still staying a safe distance from other couples. A little friendly competition never hurt! 😉
    • Outdoor Picnic: Make (or buy, we won’t tell) a charcuterie board, grab a bottle of wine, and have a picnic in a park!
    • Stargazing: Grab a blanket and take a drive outside the city to take in the beautiful night sky, look for shooting stars, and (bonus points) identify any constellations!
    • Go on a hike: Getting outside is so important for mental and physical health, so go take in some views with your partner!
    • Boat Day: Stock up on snacks and spend the day on the water in a kayak, rowboat or motorized boat (rentals are available!).
    • Pumpkin Patch: This is one of our favorite fall activities. Find a local pumpkin patch and spend time walking around taking photos and picking your favorite pumpkin! Even better, take one each and carve them together.
    • Wine tasting: Wander around the nearest outdoor vineyard or multiple vineyards, and sample different wines together! It can be fun to guess which one will be your partner’s favorite.
    • Camping: Keep it old fashioned! Take a drive to a local campsite and bring supplies to make your own dinner and (the best part), s’mores!
    • Photo session: Book a local photographer and capture some sweet memories together.
    • Farmer’s Market: Meander around a local Farmer’s Market and find some local favorites! Be sure to sample as you go!
    • Outdoor Restaurant: Last but not least, keep it classic. Have a nice dinner out at a restaurant that has an outdoor patio.

Our sitter service is available to watch your children while you enjoy your date. These background checked, reference checked and CPR certified sitters wear a face mask, perform daily self-health checks (will not provide care if there are any symptoms), and employ frequent hand washing. If your nanny is unavailable and you would like more information about a sitter, please contact our sitter services team:

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