Is it Easier to Hire a Nanny on Your Own?

Why Hiring a Nanny on Your Own Isn’t “Free”

It is not uncommon for a client family to pause a Nanny search because they found someone on their own through a word of mouth referral. And it is also VERY common for that same family to come back to us in a month or two because it did not work out after all. Listen, we definitely get it. There’s no placement fee, so it seems worth a try to go the “free” route. But is it? Let’s look a little closer.

At the point where you finally hire the RIGHT nanny, you have wasted a ton of time screening, interviewing and training nannies, completed employee paperwork twice, and your children are a bit gun shy because they don’t want to get too close to someone once again. So was it really worth it?

When you hire through Mom’s Best Friend, all of our candidates have been professionally screened prior to sending them to families, saving you from weeding through applicants and referrals.


✔️Have been interviewed by our team

✔️Eligible to work in the U.S.

✔️Have positive childcare references

✔️CPR and First Aid certified

✔️Nanny development training

✔️Successfully passed a background check (one completed pre-hire, and a final check completed upon hire)

You are also getting a personal concierge who takes you through the hiring process, including:

  • An initial family consultation where we provide industry guidance regarding pay, benefits, duties, etc.
  • A unique job description created for your position
  • Education from household tax experts regarding legal nanny pay and eligibility for tax credits
  • Hand-selected candidates that match your location, hours, ages of your children, pay range, and other qualifications you are seeking
  • A Parent Handbook with interview questions, forms, and many other resources
  • An interview process (phone, Zoom/Facetime, in-person – your preference)
  • A one-week trial period before the fee is due
  • A tried and true Employment Agreement with clear expectations that are agreed upon and signed by both parties
  • Ongoing support throughout the placement including evaluations, and individual coaching as needed for your nanny and your family
  • Check-ins from our team in regards to the placement success
  • A four (six in Chicago)-month free replacement period
  • We live for the long-term matches! We get so excited when we do check-ins and both the families and nannies are thrilled! It warms our hearts to be your partners in your search, and we appreciate all of the thousands of families who have trusted Mom’s Best Friend for over 26 years.