Intentional Nanny/Employer Goals Yield Success

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021: A year filled with hope and possibilities!
As we have considered our company and personal goals and resolutions, we have been thinking about how important it is to be intentional with your family employer/ nanny relationships. We encourage both parties to brainstorm (ahead of time), and to have a meeting to discuss how you will both be working to achieve your goals for 2021. Some ideas to consider are:
Goals for each child and how you all plan to achieve them as a team:
  • Personal / character development goals
  • Educational goals
  • Mental/Emotional health goals (particularly as we ride out the rest of the COVID restrictions pre-vaccine)
  • Other goals (artistic, athletic, altruistic/philanthropic, relationships, etc.)
For your Family Employer/Nanny relationship
  • Professional goals (how can you improve communication, appreciate and respect one another, help one another)
  • Personal goals (so you can support each other)
We suggest you write your goals down and meet once / quarter (hopefully you are already having regular meetings and evaluations). This will allow you to check in on these goals, make any revisions as necessary, and keep each other accountable. We would love to hear any additional ideas that you have found successful as well!