Should You Hire A Night Nanny?

Night Nanny

  1. A saint who helps a new mom get a restful night of sleep
  2. A newborn expert who helps get your baby(ies) on a sleeping schedule
  3. An educator for new moms, and support for experienced moms

Whether you are pregnant with your first child, or have a newborn and are juggling multiple children at home, our Night Nanny services are there to help! A Night Nanny brings harmony back into your family by caring for your baby(ies) throughout the night, so you can enjoy sleep, and have more energy throughout the day.

What does a Night Nanny do? 
Typically, Night Nannies manage all care of the baby during the night hours so the parents can get the sleep and relaxation they need. This includes changing diapers, feeding, burping, and soothing. They can prepare bottles, or bring the baby to the mother if nursing. One way Night Nannies can be extremely helpful is by helping to establish and maintain a routine. They can help with the feeding and sleep routine so parents have a little more flexibility and time to themselves.

Does the Night Nanny do other tasks?
Of course! Some other ways your Night Nanny can help include keeping the child’s laundry clean and folded. They will also clean bottles, pacifiers, or breast pump components.

How often does a Night Nanny come throughout the week? What is the typical duration of a Night Nanny assignment?
We usually see Night Nannies working anywhere from three to seven nights per week. Night Nannies can be booked for short-term (4-week min.) or long-term (3-6 months) assignments.

Who are the Night Nannies?
Mom’s Best Friend works with a small handful of newborn experts in each city. They have expertise in sleep training, their references are specifically related to Night Nanny positions, and they are booked regularly for Night Nanny assignments.

I would like to find the right Night Nanny for my family. How can I get started?
You can email us at with your specific needs and let us find you the perfect fit!