Have you Considered a Nanny Share?

Socialization and Cost Savings with a Nanny Share

In addition to individual family placements, we are happy to assist two families with a Nanny share placement! Mom’s Best Friend does not directly connect families with each other, but if you have a neighbor, family member, co-worker, etc. that is also in the market for a Nanny, then we would be happy to help both of you hire one amazing Nanny! In this case, the families agree on a schedule, location (sometimes it rotates between the two homes if they are close), and duties, and they typically have a total of 2-3 children around the same age. Both families are able to enjoy the benefits of a nanny, while sharing the costs! Here is how a Nanny Share can save you money!

When you hire for 40 hours/week, it is an approximately $24,000/yr savings per family!

When you hire for 30 hours/week, it is an approximately $22,000/yr savings per family!

*Does not include the employer portion of taxes; Nanny Share pay is approximately $5/hr higher because nannies must report to multiple families, often have more children, and sometimes must alternate locations. These prices are also examples and may vary.

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