Bonus Service for Placed Clients: The Nanny Doctor

The Nanny Doctor Is In!

Introducing Lindsay Heller, who for years has provided nanny relationship guidance and support to families all over the world. As a former nanny of 10 years, licensed clinical psychologist, and now a mother that employs a nanny, Lindsay knows the ins and outs of the nanny world like no other. There isn’t anything she hasn’t seen!

It’s easy to become frustrated with someone working for you when there is a breakdown in communication. Lindsay is available to troubleshoot problems or any issues that arise after placement. Nannies are unique employees in that they aren’t corporate employees where there are clear boundaries and they aren’t family; but, they are caring for your children on a daily basis. There may be days where you feel like throwing in the towel when really, there may be a better solution that will be in the best interest of your children and your family.

Are you considering letting your nanny go? Let Lindsay guide you through this decision-making process. She can get down to the heart of the matter that’s keeping you and your nanny from seeing eye to eye. With her help, you will be able to re-assess your needs, examine your relationship with an objective outside observer, and take the steps towards correcting your issues. Should it be determined that your family needs to move on to another caregiver, Lindsay can advise you on how best to carry out a healthy ending in a way that is sensitive to your children’s needs.

Starting now, The Nanny Doctor is offering a 1-hour complimentary consultation to all of our placed clients (does not need to be used all at once).