What Type of Nanny Do You Need?

Discover Your Perfect Nanny Match!

Is your little one’s laundry pile starting to resemble Mt. Everest? Are your to-dos multiplying like rabbits? Need a chauffeur for your kids’ activity-packed lives? And hey, don’t forget about Bingo – his water bowl is crying out for a refill! Plus, your little ones are all about playtime and dress-up adventures! We totally get it! Life can be a whirlwind, and we’re here to swoop in and find your superhero support! So, let’s dive into finding your family’s ideal helper!

At Mom’s Best Friend, we team up with each unique family to determine exactly what kind of care will support your needs. And oh boy, do we have a squad of super nannies lined up! But first things first – let’s figure out the perfect role for your dynamic crew.

  • Nanny: Meet our incredible nannies – a harmonious blend of nurturers, seasoned experts, and all-around pros in the childcare realm. These caregivers are like magical companions for your kids, providing not just a watchful eye, but genuine care that touches hearts. Equipped with a weekly burst of curriculum inspiration from MBF, they’re like artists of imagination, fostering your children’s growth through play, creative adventures, and engaging activities. From preparing meals and snacks, to making sure everything stays tidy, their multitasking skills are second to none. You’ll find their background is a fusion of practical nanny experience and/or education, creating a symphony of care that resonates with your family’s needs.
  • Nanny Manager: Introducing the Nanny Managers – your family’s dynamic problem solvers and life-enhancers. They’re not just caregivers; they’re orchestrators of smooth days and happy kids. With all the magical qualities of nannies, they also bring an extra dose of coordination expertise. Whether it’s chauffeuring your little ones to their various escapades, reorganizing the playroom, running to the grocery store, or restocking your staples, these multitasking maestros have got it covered.
  • Family Assistant/Manager: For those moments when your kids are off conquering their education, our Family Assistants step in as the behind-the-scenes heroes of your household. It’s like having a master of logistics and organization right by your side. From ensuring appointments are seamlessly managed to curating a household where every corner feels like home, these multitasking dynamos are here to simplify your life. And let’s not forget the incredible juggling act they perform – from supervising homework and shuttling kids to activities, to whipping up easy-prep meals for the kiddos that save the day. It’s all in a day’s work for these unsung household champions.

Ready to bring these incredible individuals into your family’s world? Nannies typically range from $25-35/hr (depending on hours/schedule/location, etc.) + vacations, holidays, and sick days. Let’s start this exciting journey by scheduling an appointment on Jessica Sjolseth’s calendar.


Is a House Manager/Household Manager an Option?

Those roles are definitely an option for searches, but they do not include any childcare duties. These professionals are fully dedicated to supporting the home, and this may include hiring, training, and managing household staff, arranging external household services / vendors / contractors, making travel arrangements and preparations, planning and coordinating special events, running personal errands for the employer and household, receiving guests and answering phones, calendar management, assisting in proper table setting (must be familiar with formal service), administrative support, technology support, and sometimes accounting/finance support. Compensation typically starts at $125,000K+/year* + benefits ( + employer portion of payroll taxes) for this role.