Navigating the Holidays Together with Your Nanny

Juggling Joy and Responsibilities: Strategizing Holiday Plans Alongside Your Nanny

As the holiday season approaches, it’s crucial to address key considerations regarding your nanny’s involvement:

  • Travel: Are you planning any holiday trips with your nanny? Ensure everyone’s travel plans are confirmed and that a comprehensive travel contract is in place to prevent any misunderstandings. If we placed your nanny, feel free to request a copy of the travel agreement for detailed information.
  • Schedules: Will you or your nanny be taking time off during the holidays? Are any children staying home during holiday breaks? If so, has your nanny formulated a schedule plan?
  • Family: Will anyone be visiting or staying with you, requiring interaction with your nanny? Have you adequately briefed your nanny on any changes or events? Consider discussing adjusted responsibilities with family members, especially if grandparents are involved (we know grandparents love to spend time with the little ones!).
  • Gifts: Can your nanny assist with gift ideas or shopping for various recipients, such as teachers, family members, office colleagues, and your children?
  • Parties: Is your nanny available to help with holiday parties, and is it confirmed? If parties coincide with holidays like New Year’s Eve, be sure to compensate accordingly (1.5 – 2x for holiday pay). Reach out to our sitter service at 512-775-5437 if you need extra assistance!
  • Bonus: Have you thought about a holiday bonus for your nanny? Many families provide an annual bonus during the holidays, typically ranging from 1-2 weeks of pay.