The Grand Finale: Mastering the Art of the Year-End Review with Your Nanny

As the year has ended, and a brand-new year begins, now is the perfect time to schedule a year-end review with your fantastic nanny!

Picture this: a back-and-forth exchange of ideas, a celebration of wins throughout the year (mastered potty training? learned ABC’s and 123’s? Let’s celebrate!), an acknowledgment of challenges and struggles, and an open dialogue for potential changes. This isn’t just any review; it’s an opportunity to dive deep into the happenings of the last year and foster a genuine partnership with your nanny which will encourage a long-lasting employer/nanny relationship.

Think of the year-end review as a grand finale (cue the confetti) and a chance to review the year’s journey. So, why not jot down your thoughts and craft a “performance plan” for your nanny? Consider it the roadmap that outlines areas for growth and showcases her invaluable contributions to your family.

Some key points to consider during this year-end review should include:

  • Changes in job duties throughout the year – take a look at her job description and edit to accurately to reflect any changes needed
  • Introduction of a new child to the family- how does this affect your nanny’s job duties and responsibilities
  • Schedule adjustments – what worked last year may not be the schedule that works for this upcoming year
  • Adjustments to salary or hourly pay – based on the projected job duties/schedule change for the new year, how much should pay rate increase (in addition to a normal yearly increase)
  • Don’t forget to update your Employment Agreement to ensure clarity and to set the stage for another year of seamless collaboration

Here’s to a successful and productive year-end review, paving the way for even greater adventures in the coming year and a thriving partnership with your incredible nanny!