Your Untapped Benefit: Sitter Services

Of course your nanny is your go-to when it comes to caring for your children. However, there are many scenarios where this is either not an option, or it is in your best interest to not use your nanny. In those cases, we HIGHLY recommend getting pre-registered with our sister company Jovie. Here are some examples:

  • Date Nights and Weekends: You certainly need time to have fun, but so does your nanny. Nannies make plans around their regular hours, and the time off gives them a chance to recharge and be their best selves for your child(ren). We do not recommend solely depending on your nanny for all of your childcare, because it could really burn your nanny out.
  • Nanny Vacations: Your nanny typically has two weeks of vacation per year, so having a back-up option is crucial.
  • Back-up Care: Sometimes nannies are unexpectedly ill, and you need a sitter in a pinch. You can call our sitter team from 6:00am – 9:00pm weekdays and 9:00am – 9:00pm weekends.
  • Group Care / Visitors / Events: Sometimes you need care for additional children… maybe your sister is in town with her 4 kids… or your high school best friends want to come in for the reunion… or your neighbors want to get together and go out on the town! We can send multiple sitters (and activities if requested!) to cover your event.
  • Your Church Childcare: Has your church exhausted their volunteers or need a few extra hands? The sitter team can help!
  • Texas Travel: We have sitter services in Austin, Houston, and the Dallas / Fort Worth area – all accessible with your membership! They can provide care at hotels, in-home, for events, and more!

All of the sitters go through a rigid screening as well, allowing you peace of mind!

Our sitter team is provided under the brand name Jovie, but they work in the same office with our Mom’s Best Friend team. Their membership is included in your Mom’s Best Friend membership, so you’ll simply need to get registered with their team to be ready to use their services. You will then be able to book via email, phone, or in their app with a 4-hour minimum. Book a call with Brooke using the link below to get started: