Talking to Children (or not) About Sensitive Topics

Discussing Politics, Religion, Current Events: A Word of Caution

Children often learn about current events through overhearing friends, parents, neighbors, etc. As their caregiver, you are naturally going to get asked by children to provide more information, but this is not something to take lightly. Children’s mental health, sensitivities, and most importantly, parental views are all something to take into consideration.

Before you have any conversations, we recommend a discussion with the parents. Some parents don’t feel comfortable with their children having the information, some would want to do it themselves, and regardless, they need to be looped into any thoughts you might have about discussing any current events with their children. Opinions can be emotionally and politically charged or controversial, so you don’t want to wade into any territory that will cause issues.

If the parents ask for your opinion about how to approach a conversation, here are some great resources with expert opinions that we recommend you review and pass along.

When it comes to talking about sensitive topics, the number one thing that must be done is to check with the parents to make sure you’re on the same page. Everyone has different views, and these topics can certainly be tricky.