Why Should You Have an "Agent" Represent You?

Mom’s Best Friend’s staffing specialists Melanie and Elena have extensive experience as professional nannies. Their advice addresses frequently asked questions from both aspiring and experienced nannies.

We have experienced for ourselves, and heard from many of our fellow nannies, some pretty alarming horror stories from nannies who found a position on their own. Even when both parties walk in with the best intentions, it is SO common for things to go sideways in terms of expectations, communication, boundaries, professionalism, and more. Working with an agency like Mom’s Best Friend can save you so many headaches – take it from both of us who were previously nannies!

Here are some reasons nannies prefer working with us, but I think it’s also worth mentioning that all of this is COMPLETELY FREE for you!

  • You Get Support and Guidance in Your Job Search: An agency works with you every step of the way to ensure the job placement is perfect for you. Once you’ve gone through the screening process, the hard part is out of the way, and you can apply for families that match your experience and personality! We will put your best foot forward by polishing your profile, and will facilitate all interviews and trial time in order for you to choose the right fit.
  • You Have Access to Personalized Coaching: Our Staffing Specialists are former career nannies, and they offer helpful tips and individual coaching sessions to improve your portfolios, headshots, interview skills, and more!
  • Our Families Respect Nannies and Have Realistic Expectations: As top nannies, you deserve competitive compensation and benefits, as well as realistic expectations. We make sure that our client families are informed about industry standards, market rates, and what is reasonable for nanny responsibilities.
  • We Offer Ongoing Training, Networking, and Recognition: Every year, we support our nannies with an International Nanny Training Day event (April), a National Nanny Recognition Week celebration (September), and various giveaways, trainings, and get-togethers throughout the year. We want you to know how much we value you and LOVE to celebrate you!
  • You Avoid Unnecessary Conflict: We provide employment agreements and payroll resources (to ensure legal pay), and we educate them on guaranteed hours, overtime, and travel pay. This helps you avoid uncomfortable conversations because everything is spelled out from the beginning.
  • You Can Take Time Off Guilt-Free: If you have scheduled time off, are sick, or are unavailable for a date night, you can send your family to our sitter team! This means you are not leaving your family without resources, and you can rest easy on your day(s) off.
  • We are Available Post-Placement: Sometimes you need a problem solved, sometimes you need to bounce a situation off of someone who “gets it”, or maybe, you just need a place to vent if you have had a rough day. We are here for the long-run, and we want to support you however you need our help!
  • We Pay You Referral Bonuses: If you are a professional career nanny, you most likely have some wonderful acquaintances that you have met over the years at parks, story time, museums, etc. We want to work with them on their job search as well, and we will pay you if they are placed!
  • You Can Reactivate Quickly: Most of our nannies return to us after their placement concludes because 1) they had a great experience during their initial screening and job search, 2) they know we have the top jobs in the city, and 3) we like to make it as easy as possible to get reactivated and sent back out for interviews!

Working alone, as a freelance Nanny, in the childcare industry can be challenging, but when working with an agency like Mom’s Best Friend, you have a team behind you (supporting you!) with so many resources! If you are looking for a job, look no further than Mom’s Best Friend!