8 Ways to be an Awesome and Indispensable Nanny!


  1. Have good communication with the parents. Give them detailed accounts of the day. Make sure you understand exactly what the parents expect. Create a routine with the parents and be consistent! Be respectful to the family’s privacy. Trustworthy. Create a form with the parents for you to fill out daily with spots for what the child learned, ate, behavior and mood, causes of concern, needed supplies, and did throughout the day. Establish boundaries. Open and honest with mutual respect. Weekly meeting.
  2. Give the kids a good reason to look forward to you. Play with the kids. Be fun. Laugh often. Be energetic, be fun and most importantly be loving. Be their advocate. Have a great bond with each child. Constantly strive to strengthen the relationship. Treat them like they are your own, but respect the parent/child relationship.
  3. Be fully trained for emergencies. Make sure you are up to date on your CPR and First Aid certifications. Make sure kids know what the rules and boundaries are, especially when venturing out to parks, etc. Always keep the kids within sight.
  4. Make activities educational and fun! As simple as a measurement lesson when putting detergent in the washer. Make sure and let the parents know at your weekly meeting what they’re learning.
  5. Cook. Consistently learn new healthy meals. Stress the importance of nutrition. Be creative. Have fun and make sure and include the kids in on the preparation and cooking.
  6. Be punctual and allow as much notice as possible if sick. Be reliable.
  7. Take care of yourself. Keep your cool during stressful times. Make time for yourself so when you’re with the children you are able to provide them with your best, energetic self. Get enough sleep. Practice yoga. Eat healthy. Take time to meet your social, emotional and physical self so that when you’re at work you can give the child your best and full self.
  8. Take pride in your job. Love your job and know how important it is. Be a problem solver with creative solutions.