Surprise! You're Watching More Children!

A trend that we have seen recently has been for two families to pool resources and share a nanny for their combined children. Not only does this significantly reduce the amount that each family pays, but it can be a great avenue for children to play and socialize with others outside of their immediate family. I have touched on this issue in previous blogs in reference to long-term options and advocated that families consider this when determining the solution that best fits their in-home childcare needs.

However, lately, we have been experiencing this same trend among temporary client families who call in for a need that is brief in duration, and can even be last-minute. Families may forget to mention in advance that there will be children present in the home that do not belong to the client family or commonly, neighborhood kids may wander over to the home for a spontaneous play date. We want to make sure that we are doing a good job of locating a suitable caregiver based upon the information provided so that she is prepared to handle the number of children and particular ages present at any given job. In order to do this, we need to make sure that we are notified in advance of the addition of more children needing supervision.

We can usually accommodate these needs but our caregivers may be thrown for a loop if unprepared. It is also critical that the family lets both the agency and caregiver know who can or cannot come over to the home while parents are away (eg. neighborhood kids). As a reminder, in order to prevent complicated billing, any additional children that will be cared for at any point in time within the job assignment will incur an additional $1 per hour charge for the job’s entirety, even if the extra child is only there a portion of the total time.

As a reminder, per the contract that you signed with MBF, the other family may not call the MBF caregiver directly to book her to watch their children without going through the agency (this is referred to as an “indirect referral” by you). Your caregiver has also signed an agreement committing to redirect these inquiries to MBF. Thank you for helping us to enforce these agreements without which we could not remain in business.

Our sitters love your kids and want to make sure we can always over deliver on our attentiveness and care for your little ones, so please make sure to let your placement counselor know of any additions the next time you book a job!

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