Why is ongoing training a must for your nanny?

Nanny TrainingMom’s Best Friend, along with many agencies across the country, held events for National Nanny Training Day. In Austin, for example, we brought in experts to discuss topics such as:

  • Healthy Baby Food
  • Home Organization
  • How to Be a Valuable Household Employee
  • Incorporating Music into Learning and Play
  • Therapeutic skills
  • Household Payroll Tax and Tips

Watch the Video: Nanny Training Day Highlights 2012

So, why did we put on this training? Shouldn’t a nanny already know what she’s doing?

As with any other career, being a nanny is a profession, and nannies should always be seeking the latest developments in in their industry. They should look to experts to find ways to constantly improve their roles in the family’s home. They should gather fresh ideas, stay current on child development education, and network with other nannies to share knowledge. This continued growth will make their time with your children more stimulating, engaging and nurturing.

At Mom’s Best Friend, we believe one of our roles is to offer enriching opportunities to our placed nannies and babysitters. For future topic ideas, please contact Laura Patterson, Director of Training and Customer Service.

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