5 Tips for Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

Return to work after babyThe time has come that you have to go back to work. Whether your budget requires it, or you just enjoy your work, there will no doubt be some adjustments after you have had a child. Below are 5 Tips to make the transition easier:

  1. Ease back in: Is it possible that you can work part-time for a little while to ease back in? Can your spouse or a relative watch the baby for a period before they have to move into a long-term childcare center or nanny situation? At a minimum, get used to the idea by leaving your baby for an hour or two a couple of times over the course of a few weeks so you and the baby get used to the idea. This will reduce your anxiety about leaving them.
  2. Planning: Determine a child care solution you are comfortable with. The wonderful thing about our nanny services is that babies are able to be at home, in their familiar, baby-proofed environment. Additionally, your baby will be able to stick to their regular schedule. (I, of course, am a bit biased in this area!) If this is not possible, see how much time it will take in the mornings to drive your baby to their childcare center and then to drive to work. This will help you prepare appropriately. Further, you will want to arrange alternative childcare plans in case you have a last minute problem. If you don’t have friends or relatives that might be available in a pinch, our babysitter services are a great option for back-up care.
  3. Daily preparation: Try to minimize morning chaos by packing the baby’s clothes and diaper bag the night before. You also can lay out your own clothes and meals. Also, do not minimize the importance of eating well and getting plenty of sleep (try go to bed by 9pm if possible until the baby is on a better sleeping schedule).
  4. Give yourself a break: Know that what you are going through is normal. You don’t have to shut out your emotions while at work, but try not to worry. Remember, it’s not bad for your baby to know that other people love them. Check in from time to time, but beyond that, you have to trust that you have made a good childcare choice.
  5. Focus on the positive: When you work, the time you spend with your child in the morning and after work is even more precious and wonderful. Try to minimize the time you spend on anything you don’t have to do or don’t enjoy doing, as you might be missing out on quality time with your child. Is it possible to hire a house cleaner? Can you tag team grocery shopping and cooking with your partner? Decide how you will share the workload so that no one is too stressed.

There’s no perfect formula for going back to work, but these have been very helpful to me as I’ve had my 4 children!

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