Hiring a New Nanny? Top 3 Ways to Set up a Long Term Relationship

Hiring a nannyYou found a wonderful nanny to work in your home – congratulations! This is half the battle, but remember, it’s only half the battle! The relationship is now in your hands, and if you want the best chance of success, here are three ways to start off on the right foot:

  1. Detailed employment agreement: The employment agreement is detailed in a previous blog, but it’s worth mentioning again. It is truly the most important tool to make sure that you and your nanny’s expectations match. I can’t stress this enough!
  2. Open lines of communication: Many times, you are rushing in while your nanny is rushing out. We definitely suggest that your nanny keeps a log (feel free to use our Nanny Notes) so that you know what their day was like. You can also leave her notes to communicate any changes or plans you have. Of course, talking face to face is the best, but we know it isn’t always possible. Additionally, set aside monthly 1-1s (approx 1 hr) without the children to discuss progress, as well as any challenges, feedback or changes. Be sure to also use this time praise your nanny for any successes! Finally, don’t miss a semi-annual review (see previous blog for review topics) to discuss big picture goals and progress.
  3. Professional relationship: It is so tempting to become friends with your nanny, and you can, to some degree. My nanny and I share many aspects of our personal life, yet I don’t cross any lines that might jeopardize our employer-employee relationship. There is a middle ground, and keeping things professional really helps when you need to have tough conversations.

If these three things are in place, your relationship really has the main ingredients to stand the test of time!

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