Creating a Job Description for your Nanny

It might seem a bit formal to create a job description for your nanny, but you will find that writing things down really helps you to determine what you are looking for. We work with families to create this job description based on our conversations, as well as our application, but here are the components for those doing it themselves:

  • Duties: What do you looking for? You may think this is the easiest part, but you need to understand that every position is unique. Some nannies are just responsible for childcare. Other families require their nanny to create a curriculum, travel 2 months out of the year with the family, take care of pets, take children to activities, and even light cooking for the household. You don’t need to be too specific (don’t map out each day), but try to pin down what it is you are needing in a couple of paragraphs. Remember if you want it all, this will have to be reflected in your nanny pay.
  • Schedule: What are the days/hours? Are you flexible? Do you neeed them to be flexible? Full time hours will definitely open up the largest pool of candidates (30+ hrs/week at a minimum, but ideally 40+).
  • Nanny Qualifications: What qualities do you want in your candidate? What experience and education do you require, and what is more of a “nice-to have”?
  • Pay Range: The reason we address this last that is that it all that you have described above must be commensurate with the pay. If you have a set amount that you need to budget, and it is on the lower end, you may need to scale back your expectations. You may be lucky enough to get a do-it-all nanny for a low price, but unfortunately it may be tough to keep her. Sooner or later, she is going to grow resentful if she is not being paid in proportion to her duties / the market. A Mom’s Best Friend Placement Manager can guide you about what is the going rate for your position.

Again, we really like to walk families through this process together of creating a job description, because they appreciate the experience and advice we bring to the situation. If you want help with your nanny placement, contact Mom’s Best Friend.

Tip: Don’t forget to complete an Employment Agreement once you hire a nanny!

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