Embracing Flexibility: ROTA Nannies for 24-hour Nanny Coverage

In today’s fast-paced world, many high-profile families require 24-hour care. They try to piece together Nanny schedules – days, evenings, weekends – but are frustrated when those placements don’t last. Rotational (ROTA) nannies are the best option for consistent, stable around-the-clock nanny coverage for the long-term.

ROTA nannies operate on a 7-14 day rotating schedule (depending on the children’s ages), and depending on the needs of a family (number of children, ages), they may have anywhere from 1-3 nannies working at a time (including a lead nanny). This flexibility is a game-changer for families juggling crazy hours or needing care at unconventional times. ROTA nannies tag-team like champions – with their rotating schedules, your kiddos have a consistent flow of care, and the nannies get the downtime they need to come back fully refreshed and ready to give their all to your children.

Here are some more details about this type of Nanny:

  • We always recommend a strong, lead nanny who serves as a mentor paired with teachable nannies.
  • ROTA Nannies are not necessarily local, and sometimes a stipend may be provided for flights back and forth (depending on where they live, etc. – ask us when this is the case).
  • We have found that other variations for full-time coverage – 12 hr-12 hr, daytime / weekend / nighttime nanny, or a single nanny – have significant drawbacks for 24 hour coverage. We’d love to provide you with more information!
  • When ROTA nannies are caring for infants, ROTA nannies typically have 4-6 hours/day as a break for sleep, etc.

If you are seeking a 24-hour solution, or have had a tough time keeping long-term nannies that have a variety of schedules to cover your needs, let’s talk. We can even help you transition your current nanny team by talking them through the benefits of this new schedule. Contact us now!

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