Getting a Job from a Family Directly can Backfire

Educated Clients Make Better Employers
It might seem easy to use NextDoor, Facebook, word of mouth, and other ways to directly get hired by a family, but will that hurt you in the long run?
  • Will you be compensated fairly?
  • Will you be paid legally?
  • What about overtime, mileage, travel and overnights?
  • Will you have paid time off for vacation, sick time, and holidays?
  • Will your duties be appropriate for the position?
  • Will you have evaluations and be treated like a professional?
  • Will you be appreciated for the caliber of your work and your years of experience?
Mom’s Best Friend spends a great deal of time educating families about industry standards for these items and more. We have been in business for 27 years, we actively participate in national industry associations (attending conferences, viewing webinars, reading articles/survey results), and we have long-time staff who know the household staffing industry standards.
When you have Mom’s Best Friend on your team, we explain what a professional brings to the table, go over legal pay and industry-standard compensation, recommended paid time off, appropriate duties, what to expect for mileage/travel/overnight pay, and how to communicate with their household employee regularly.
Our goal is not to create extra barriers by requiring screening (interview, reference checks, background checks, etc.) – it is to elevate the profession. When you have completed our screening, it means you are one of the top 10% of applicants, and we are teaching client families how valuable you are to their family. We want to set you up to be appreciated and valued, both financially as well as emotionally.
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