Best Nanny Practices when you Work from Home


As a work-from-home parent, hiring a nanny can be extremely beneficial to maintaining a well-balanced family and work life. While I spend a lot of time in the office, my husband spent many days working from home when my children were little and at home. Our nanny did such a great job at making this a win-win situation. Here are some best practices we have learned:

  • Establish Space: Even when your children are not in sight, they will be aware of your presence. In order for your nanny to maintain her leadership role, trust your nanny, give her space, and don’t come running in if your child is crying. Let go and let your nanny be in control and do his/her job. If you micromanage, or always keep tabs, it won’t allow your nanny and children to get into a routine.
  • Encourage Time Away from Home: Allow, and even suggest, that your nanny take the little ones out of the house on field trips. Encouraging your nanny to do so will allow you to work uninterrupted, and give them an enriching, shared experience.
  • Set Boundaries: Respect is key for both parties. When you are working at home, you are working for your employer. It could be tempting for your nanny to interrupt with questions that would normally be saved until the end of the day. Conversely, your nanny is working as your caregiver, and if you pop in when he/she is in the middle of games, projects, etc. with your children, it can be disruptive to their schedule. Establish a procedure for interruptions that works for both of you. Consider setting up predetermined times to visit with your kids such as snack and/or lunch time.

If you have additional tips or questions, or would like information about hiring a nanny, please feel free to contact us!

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