Don't Lose Your Nanny!

5 Tips for a Long-Term Nanny Relationship

If you are one of the lucky ones who has found your perfect nanny, we want to help you keep them! We pride ourselves on not only matching nannies and families, but equipping you with the tools you need to maintain a happy, long-term relationship. Here are five things you can do to really show your nanny you respect and appreciate them:

  1. Showing mutual respect: Nannies need to know that you value them as much as they value you. For example, if you ask your nanny to be flexible with their time or availability, we recommend you do the same when possible. If she requests time off and you are able to accommodate, this will not go unnoticed.
  2. Establishing professionalism and boundaries: Your nanny is like a part of the family, but they are also in their workplace. It is important to establish boundaries right off the bat. For example, a nanny oversharing about their personal life, or asking your nanny about her/his dating life, are both off-limits.
  3. Be competitive: The nanny market is more competitive than ever, so make sure your nanny is being paid what the market is offering and any appropriate benefits. We encourage you to check in with us prior to the annual review for updated recommendations so that you can continue to be competitive.
  4. Excellent communication: Make sure to check-in, set up formal reviews, and don’t forget to praise your nanny when possible! Sometimes it can be easy to remember to set up a conversation when something goes wrong, but it is as important to do so even when things are going really well.
  5. Avoid tacking on extra requests: It is easy to start adding small additional requests for your nanny (e.g., family laundry, packing lunches, scheduling appointments). However, if you are adding duties that were not on the original job description, the position may end up evolving into a job that the nanny would have never signed up for to begin with (or they would have asked for additional compensation). If you want to add new responsibilities, we encourage you to have a discussion, formally add the duties into the job description, and consider increasing your nanny’s pay rate to avoid them becoming overwhelmed or resentful.

Respect and appreciation goes a long way and can really help keep your nanny happy!