Continue Your Nanny Education

Staying on Top of Parenting Trends

We are so fortunate to represent the professional nannies of Mom’s Best Friend! You are the leaders in your fields, and as experts, you understand the importance of knowing developmental milestones as well as age-appropriate learning activities. As you continue your professional development, we want to help you keep up with the latest parenting philosophies and trends.

We are hearing a growing number of families who are interested in finding a nanny who is familiar with the Montessori philosophy, so we have found a free training resource to provide you with additional tools.

Learn more and register for the FREE two-hour Introduction to Montessori on The Prepared Montessorian

There are several other parenting styles that we suggest you familiarize yourself with to continue to be experts in your field (some of these overlap at times):

  • Gentle Parenting
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Peaceful Parenting
  • Waldorf Discipline
  • Child-Led Learning / Play
  • Parent-Led Baby Schedules

Remember, there is no one “right” way to parent, and everyone’s goals are just to be good parents. Your role as a nanny is to consistently reinforce the desired wishes of the family’s values and philosophies.

Again, we are so proud to have such a dedicated team of professional, career nannies that are willing to learn and grow. We want to help you exhibit your wide range of knowledge, so be sure to log back into your application, and polish up your bio with additional information you might have learned. Families will appreciate both the scope of your expertise, and your willingness to continue to educate yourselves. Please reach out if you need any assistance!