2014 Nanny Employer Tool Kit

Family sitting in living room smilingThis month is a great time to step back and reflect on your role as a nanny employer. In this role, you are accountable to your family, your nanny, and to the government. We suggest creating an action plan with your goals and tasks to get the year off to a great start. Here is a tool kit to use as a guideline:

  1. Review your Nanny Salary & Benefit Package: The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to see where your nanny’s compensation package ranks. Learn more about your nanny’s compensation package here. (2014 results will be posted when available)
  2. Complete a Nanny Annual Review: An annual review opens the door for conversations not only about her salary, but about success, changes, and improvements. Read more about the Nanny Annual Review here.
  3. Know Your Tax Obligations: Tax season is quickly approaching and household employment taxes are tricky! Before filing your taxes, be sure you are speaking to an expert like Breedlove and Associates to make sure you are fully compliant.
  4. Keep Current with Health Insurance Policies: January marks the beginning of the Affordable Care Act. As an employer, it is important that you understand the changes as they apply to you. Lean more about the Affordable Care Act here.

Would you like a new Employment Agreement to revisit tasks, salary or benefits? Do you want advice for goals and expectations? As always, we at MBF are happy to answer any additional questions as well. Have a wonderful 2014!

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