5 Ways to Prevent Summer "Brain Drain"

Summer Activities

Summer often brings long, fun days and a more relaxed schedule for many families. Despite the laid-back routine, it’s important to encourage learning and incorporate educational activities during the break. Here are a few ways to help keep those brains fresh over the summer months!

  1. Schedule a weekly trip to the library. Make an afternoon of it by bringing a picnic blanket, lunch/snacks and setting up under a tree to start reading!
  2. Make a weekly trip to a museum for a fun and educational day. Once you’ve hit all museums in your city, start exploring the surrounding cities and make a day trip out of it. Add a stop to get ice cream afterward and talk about what everyone learned. The kids will look forward to it!
  3. Keep a summer journal. Write several sentences and draw pictures daily. At the end of the summer, put these into a book and help your child design a “Summer 2016” cover with a picture from a favorite summer activity.
  4. Have the kids earn money doing chores and encourage them to use their math skills when spending their earnings. Dollar stores and garage sales are great options for them to get a lot with their money!
  5. Travel. Whether you plan day trips, a quick overnight trip or have children help with your family vacation planning, there are many learning opportunities with travel! Have the kids help with the itinerary and activities, map the routes for driving and research history and local information about your destination.

There are so many ways to make summer activities both educational and fun.  Teachers will be grateful next year when children return to school with their skills and knowledge sharpened!

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