Common Nanny Hiring Mistakes

We get a lot of calls from frustrated families that tried hiring a nanny on their own, but because they made common hiring mistakes, things have fallen apart. We have noticed that when families hire a nanny for their household, it is a lot like entering a relationship. After 25 years, we have become exceptional matchmakers and relationship coaches, and we urge you to take heed of the most common mistakes we hear.

Unrealistic Expectations
One of our jobs is to guide families and reign them in when it comes to being realistic. Can you find a nanny that will scrub your toilets? All of our experience says no. Can you find a nanny that will grocery shop, do laundry, and prep meals? Sure! Can you find her at the same rate you pay the 16-year-old to babysit? Sorry, but that’s another no. We know how a nanny can help, we know schedules that are reasonable, and we know compensation rates and benefits that are standard and fair for the industry. We coach you for a successful long-term placement, and we provide an employment agreement that you can complete for/with your nanny so everyone is on the same page.
Moving Too Quickly (AKA Settling)
You were tired of weeding through resumes, you interviewed someone you connected with, so you took the leap and hired her/him. You quickly realized they were often tardy and unreliable, and were not flexible or proactive. Reference checks and trial time are absolute musts. We never skip these steps, and we also run an extensive background check to ensure your children’s safety.
Ignoring Red Flags
Your nanny looked great on paper – she/he had a great experience, and an Associates Degree in Child Development. You didn’t see a connection with your child on that first meeting, but she had to be great, right? A nanny can look good on paper but that doesn’t mean they will mesh with your parenting philosophy, priorities or communication style. Our personalized matching allows you to meet multiple wonderful, screened nannies in order to make sure the chemistry works for your individual needs. Sometimes opposites attract, sometimes families are looking for someone that mirrors their personality, but in the end, we have found there is someone for everyone!
The best way to avoid the relationship turning sour is to enlist a trusted, nanny agency that has been in business for numerous years, and has their finger on the pulse of the national industry.
Mom’s Best Friend offers industry advice and standards (we are members of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies and the International Nanny Association), provides expert screening and matching, and include a guarantee in case things don’t go the way you planned. We also have a sitter service that offers on-call care when you need to book date nights, overnight or weekend care, or back-up care for your nanny’s days off.
Call us now to get started on your nanny placement, or start an application.

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