Hiring Chicago Nannies

Find a Nanny, Looking for a Nanny

Mom’s Best Friend has been in business for over 25 years, and families trust us for their in-home Chicago nanny needs . We weed out 90% of candidates with our screening process, saving you time and providing you with the highest quality nannies.

Nannies start at $25+/hour + employer portion of payroll taxes (depending on hours, location, duties, and job requirements). Paid vacation, holidays, and sick days are also standard, as well as mileage reimbursement (for on-the-job transportation).

Nanny Types

  • Nanny: Our Chicago nannies are caring, highly-experienced, and professional caregivers. Our nannies receive weekly curriculum from MBF, encourage your children’s development, and engage them with games, arts and crafts, etc. Our nannies’ background is a combination of education, nanny, and/or teaching experience.
  • Nanny Manager: Chicago nanny managers may also transport your children to/from activities or school, organize after-school activities, run errands such as grocery shopping, organize, and/or assist with basic meal prep (chopping, boiling water, pre-heating oven, assembling ingredients for easy preparation).
  • Family Assistant/Manager: When children are a bit older, and true “childcare” responsibilities have dwindled, these roles tend to revolve around household management, driving kids to activities, supervising homework, errands, etc.
  • Nanny Share: Two families come to Mom’s Best Friend with a unified request (we are unable to match families). The families typically have a total of 2-3 children, and have chosen this option for reasons including proximity, socialization, and cost savings (the hourly pay and placement fee are both split).
  • Child Educator: These specialized, dedicated in-home instructors provide private instruction. Learn more.

Get Started

  • Start a search by completing an application.
  • Once we have a signed Client Agreement, we create a personalized Job Description for you, and activate the search!
  • We will send you a small number of hand-picked, wonderful, pre-screened candidates to interview.

Interviewing and Trial

  • We will assist you with scheduling phone, video and/or in-person Interviews (we supply interview questions as a resource). Once we start sending candidates, we will charge a Membership Fee. This will be the only fee you pay until you hire.
  • We give you a working week of Trial Time as a working interview. You will pay them directly, but there are no agency fees for this portion.


  • After a choice has been made, you will Extend an Offer using our company-provided Employment Agreement.
  • The Placement Fee is due one or before the start date, and you become a household employer.
  • We are here for you beyond the placement! We will check in with you, but please feel free to call us if you need ongoing support, advice, sitter services, or forms (for monthly one-on-ones, reviews, and more).

Note: Placements are 20 hours/week or more, and we are not able to accommodate split shifts.

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