Start the Hiring Process

  1. Get Started: Start a search by completing the Client Application and signing the Client Agreement. Contact Kimberly Tobin at or 847.960.3962 for more information.
  2. Job Activation: We create a personalized job description for you, and activate the search!
  3. The Search: A dedicated Placement Manager will guide you through your search. This will start by sending you a small number of hand-picked, wonderful, pre-screened candidates to interview.
  4. Interviews: We will assist you with scheduling phone, video and/or in-person interviews. We provide you with a number of interview questions for you to draw from. Your feedback allows us to tailor the search to further meet your needs. Once we start sending candidates, we will charge an Application/Membership Fee. This will be the only fee you pay until you hire.
  5. Trial Time: We want you to feel confident with your hiring decision, so we give you a working week of “trial time” to observe your favorite candidate(s) in action as part of a working interview. You will pay them directly, but there are no agency fees for this portion.
  6. Hiring: After a choice has been made, you will extend an offer to your nanny (remember to speak in terms of “gross pay” not “take home” or “net pay”). Once your nanny accepts your offer, you will complete our employment agreement template.
  7. Finalizing Placement: The Placement Fee is due, and your nanny becomes your household employee (contact GTM Payroll for a free consultation to understand your responsibilities and credits).
  8. Ongoing Support: We are here for you! We will check in with you, but please feel free to call us if you need ongoing support, advice, sitter services, or forms (for monthly one-on-ones, reviews, and more).

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