Part Time/Short Term Nanny in Prosper (75078)

Part Time/Short Term Nanny in Prosper (75078)
Family: 175612
Location: Prosper (75078)
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Start Date: ASAP
Age(s): 8 month old girl
Days & Hours: MONDAY (7:30AM-4:15PM) OR FRIDAY (7:30AM-3PM)
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $17/hr-$19/hr

Prosper family (75078) is seeking a Part Time/Short Term Nanny (through December) to care for their 8 month old baby girl. Daily tasks surround all essential infant care duties such as feeding, diapering, all cleaning pertaining to the child, sterilization of bottles, toys and other items, developmental playtime, reading, singing and ensuring the child is on a healthy sleep schedule. The Nanny will also be expected to maintain a neat and tidy work space. The ideal candidate would be a great partner for a parent who works from home (mom), kind, warm, communicative, nurturing, patient, organized, fun and an all around experienced and reliable individual. There is one large dog in the home who is very sweet and requires minimal care. This role may have the opportunity to extend into 2021, the family will be able to determine this come August/September-the work days will switch to 2 back to back work days, these days will either be M/Tues or Thurs/Fri.

Hours: MONDAY (7:30AM-4:15PM) OR FRIDAY (7:30AM-3PM)

Pay: $17/hr-$19/hr

MBF Agency 2020-05-22 Prosper TX 75078 $ 17 - 19 / hour PART_TIME