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Night Nanny for Newborn Infant

Newborn care specialists and overnight newborn nannies are angels for sleepless parents. Many of our families attribute their sanity to these services! These infant caregivers help new parents achieve a restful night’s sleep so they have more energy to devote to their families and their work.

How Can We Help

Newborn nannies get up with the baby, feed (or bring the baby to the nursing mom), change, and soothe the baby. Our Houston Newborn Care Specialists are also sleep training experts.

Professional Newborn Care Specialists and Overnight Newborn Nannies are highly sought after because of their depth of experience and are booked for a minimum of 4 weeks for at least 3 nights per week (most commonly, they are booked for 3-month assignments), working 8-12 hour shifts. They are often booked months out in advance, but occasionally we can accommodate immediate requests.

Note: Sometimes these caregivers are also referred to as night nannies, night nurses, baby nurses, etc. If you are seeking 24-hour care, please schedule an appointment with Kimberly.

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Caregiver Pay: When you hire a professional for your family, you will pay $35-40/hr for Newborn Care Specialists and $30-35/hour for Overnight Newborn Nannies (depending on the level of expertise you require; additional for multiples). There is a minimum of 3 nights/week for 4 weeks.

Registration Fee: A $200 membership fee will be charged when we present you with candidates for your consideration (this includes a 1-year membership to our sitter services).

Placement Fees: Placement fees vary based on the number of nights per week that you will be utilizing a night nanny. Barring a specialized search for multiples or other customized needs, the typical weekly placement fees are:

  • $150/week for 3 nights/week or less
  • $175/week for 4 nights/week
  • $200/week for 5-7 nights/week

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We have a small pool of overnight nannies who continue to be sent out to our families, but we are also continuing to bring on new candidates. Each caregiver has to go through our intensive screening process, eliminating 90% of applicants. This ensures that our clients do not have to spend any time sifting through applications or worrying about qualifications. You can make one call and rest assured that we will quickly find you the best candidate for your needs. Below are the steps in the screening process:

  1. Minimum requirements fulfilled (at least 21 years old, non-smokers, and eligible to work in the U.S.)
  2. Have at least 3 overnight newborn care references
  3. On-line application completed
  4. Screening interview completed
  5. Related references/employment verification checked
  6. Two-step background investigation
    1. Level 1 background check (pre-screening): Basic Identity Research (SSN issuance information and names associated with the SSN in consumer reference files), Multijurisdictional Criminal Records Database Search, and Driving History (driving record from the state in which the individual is licensed).
    2. Level 2 background check (run on the candidate when you make a job offer): US Department of Justice sex offender website search, DPS criminal record database, county criminal checks under all names in all counties associated with the person in the past seven years, and criminal searches under all names in each federal district associated with the person in the past seven years.
  7. Highest level of education verified
  8. CPR and First Aid certification complete (prior to starting the position)

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We have a thorough but efficient method for matching families with overnight caregivers:

  • Consultation: The process begins with a call to discuss your specific needs.
  • Starting a Search: You will complete a brief Client Profile and the Client Agreement. We will then create a job description and start the search.
  • Interviews: We will send you wonderful, pre-screened candidates to interview that match your search criteria.
  • Hiring: When you find your perfect match, we will create an Employment Agreement that details all of the terms, and they can start as soon as needed.

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