Short-Term Night Nanny in Timbergrove

Short-Term Night Nanny in Timbergrove
Family: 176855
Location: Houston, Texas 77008
Start Date: Within the first week post birth
Age(s): Baby due 12/19/2022
Days & Hours: 4-5 nights a week, 8 hour shifts
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $30-35/hr
Job Description

Sweet, nurturing Night Nanny for newborn in Timbergrove. Night nanny will:

  • Be confident and highly knowledgeable with sleep training expertise
  • Have a calming, pleasant disposition
  • Fold baby laundry when the baby is sleeping
  • Collaborate/partner with parents to get the baby on a schedule
  • Covid cautious and vaccinated requested

Family has 2 indoor dogs. Dad will be going back to work soon after birth. Family anticipates employing a Night Nanny for at least 4 weeks, but likely extend to closer to 6-8 weeks.

MBF Agency 2022-09-22 Houston Texas 77008 $ 30 - 35 / hour