Do I Need a Nanny or a Babysitter?

Long-term Nanny:

  • Consistent, set schedule
  • 30 hours/week or more
  • One long-term caregiver (typically a one year commitment, but we can do short term for at least 3 months)
  • The agency fee is a one-time charge
  • Families will have a detailed selection process that includes creating a position description, viewing profiles, interviewing candidates, doing trial time, and completing an employment agreement

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  • <30 hours/week (minimum 4 hours each usage)
  • Multiple caregivers (while we do try to limit the number of caregivers that a family receives, our sitters do have flexibility and provide us their schedule on a week-to-week basis)
  • Families use on an on-call or as-needed basis (can be a regular or irregular schedule)
  • Quick turn-around of placements

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