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Mom’s Best Friend has been in business since 1994, and families trust us for their in-home Dallas/Ft. Worth nanny needs. We weed out 90% of candidates with our screening process, saving you time and providing you with the highest quality nannies.

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Nanny Types

  • Nanny: Our Dallas / Ft. Worth nannies are caring, highly experienced, and professional caregivers. Our nannies receive weekly curriculum from MBF, encourage your children’s development, and engage them with games, arts and crafts, etc. Our nannies’ background is a combination of education, nanny, and/or teaching experience.
  • Nanny Manager: Dallas / Ft. Worth nanny managers may also transport your children to/from activities or school, organize after-school activities, run errands such as grocery shopping, organize, and/or assist with basic meal prep (chopping, boiling water, pre-heating oven, assembling ingredients for easy preparation).
  • Family Assistants/ Managers: When children are a bit older, and true “childcare” responsibilities have dwindled, these roles tend to revolve around household management, driving kids to activities, supervising homework, errands, etc.
  • Rotational Nanny (ROTA): When a family requires 24-hour coverage, multiple ROTA Nannies tag-team, working 7-10 days at a time. Typically there is a lead nanny, and depending on how many children there are, 1-3 nannies per shift. Learn more about this option.
  • Nanny Share: Two families come to Mom’s Best Friend with a unified request (we are unable to match families). The families typically have a total of 2-3 children, and have chosen this option for reasons including proximity, socialization, and cost savings (the hourly pay and placement fee are both split).
  • Child Educator: These specialized, dedicated in-home instructors provide private instruction. Learn more.

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Mom’s Best Friend fees are transparent and worth every moment of time saved! Like you, we won’t compromise, and because of that, the majority of our business comes from returning Dallas and Ft. Worth families and word-of-mouth referrals.

Annual Membership Fee: $300

Nanny Pay: Nannies start at $25+/hour + employer portion of payroll taxes (depending on hours, location, duties, and job requirements). Paid vacation, holidays, and sick days are also standard, as well as mileage reimbursement (for on-the-job transportation).

Placement Fees:

Full-Time or Part-Time Nanny
(including Nanny Managers, Family Managers, ROTA Nannies)
12% 120 days

Specialty Placements:

PLACEMENT FEE** FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE Waived Fee For Any Mom’s Best Friend Caregiver Continuing Education/Events for the Life of the Placement
Child Educator 20% 120 days X
Live-in 20% 120 days X
Short-term 20% No replacement
Weekly Care $300/week maximum of 4 weeks of care No replacement

*All placement fees are non-refundable and are due prior to the candidate’s start date, or within seven days of the decision to hire a candidate (whichever comes first). All fees are payable by ACH, check or major credit card. Credit card fees over $1,000 will be subject to a 3% third-party payment processing fee.
**Total Annual Gross Compensation is based on 52 weeks in a year and includes estimated non-salary benefits as defined and calculated in the Client Agreement.

***For short-term placements, 3 and 6 months are the only offerings.

All positions require a minimum of $22/hour plus employer portion of payroll taxes

Replacement Guarantee:

Following the free replacement period, there is a sliding scale for discounts on future replacements.

0-120 days 100%
121-180 days 50%
181-270 days 25%
271-365 days 15%
After one year 10%

All placements include:

  • A confidential consultation to discuss your family’s needs
  • Candidate recruiting, identification, pre-screening, and matching
  • Our screening process including an extensive criminal background investigation, motor vehicle records check, and identity verification.
  • Family interview process
  • Parent Handbook including an Employment Agreement, Nanny Evaluations, Daily Log, Development Plans, In Case of Emergency Forms, etc.
  • Consultation with HomeWork Solutions, Inc. regarding nanny payroll taxes (optional)
  • Mom’s Best Friend Nanny Professional Development materials covering Parent/Employer Relationships, Professionalism, Situational Role Playing, Physical Care, Domestic Tasks, and Resources/References
  • Unlimited support for the life of the placement: advice on industry standards, proper protocol, employment questions
  • A la carte replacement extension packages and drug testing services available upon request. Please inquire with your Placement Manager for pricing.
  • 1-hr consultation with Lindsay Heller, The Nanny Doctor
  • Access to our sitter services

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After so many years in business, the majority of our candidates have been either placed with us in the past, or are referred by placed candidates. Of those remaining, our recruiting process begins by casting a wide net across many mediums, including print, web, and sourcing candidates directly. Each caregiver then has to go through our intensive screening process, eliminating 90% of Dallas and Fort Worth applicants. This ensures that our clients do not have to spend any time sifting through applications or worrying about qualifications. You can make one call and rest assured that we will quickly find you the best candidates for your needs.

  1. Extensive on-line application
  2. Have at least 3 childcare references (at least 1 of them in-home) and/or 3 years of related experience
  3. Screening Interview Completed
  4. References checked and former employment verified
  5. Extensive criminal background investigation
  6. Sex Offender Search
  7. Verification of Social Security Number as well as another form of legal identification
  8. Motor vehicle records check
  9. Highest level of education verified
  10. CPR and First Aid Training
  11. Agency Training: Nanny Professional Development
  12. Social Media Screening

Also available per long-term nanny client’s request at an additional cost: credit check and 5-panel drug/health screening.

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Placement Process

Nanny Client Placement Process

Pricing Screening Process Get Started Contact Us

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“Our nanny has been a dream and has become the perfect extension of our family. We couldn’t function without her! The service with Mom’s Best Friend was flawless.” -Molly G.

“Our nanny has been incredible. We feel so grateful to have found her. She is punctual, proactive, professional, kind, and so wonderful with our daughter. She takes her job seriously and puts 110% to everything she does. We are so happy with her and the process through Mom’s Best Friend.” -Natalie A.

“Things with our nanny are going exceedingly well. She is a wonderful addition to our family and has really gone above and beyond for us. I don’t know what we would have done without her! And I’m sure we will make use of the sitter services in the future as well! Thanks for helping us find our nanny – we are so grateful!” -Bre M.

“Our nanny is WONDERFUL! We are so happy to have found her. She is amazing with our daughter, and has been so helpful and flexible. Everyone who is a part of your team was so great to work with and really took the time to help me during this process. We really appreciate all of your help and couldn’t be happier!” -Jenna M.

“We are truly enjoying having our nanny as a part of our family – she’s been wonderful with our boys and we are very happy. We are hoping she will stay with us for years to come. We had a wonderful experience with MBF, thought that the process was really easy, and enjoyed being able to review written references prior to interviewing.” -Cristina L.

“Thanks to you and your team for helping us through this process. Very smooth, efficient, thoughtful – just what we were looking for!” -Anna S.

“Our nanny is INCREDIBLE. I truly cannot express how amazing she is and how much I love her. Everything about the Mom’s Best Friend was smooth and great. My only thought would be to encourage families to be open-minded with the process! I had an idea in mind for the type of nanny I wanted, and I’m so glad I decided to interview candidates who didn’t fit that mold, because that’s how I found our nanny!” -Savannah B.

“Our nanny is fabulous. She is a huge asset to our family. Thanks for your help in placing her. Only good things to say about our experience.” -Lauren W.

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