Peace of Mind Package

Peace of Mind Package

Nanny Screening Services

Did you hire your perfect nanny on your own but still want the peace of mind of going through Mom’s Best Friend? Let us screen your candidate for you!

Our goal as an agency is to save you a great deal of time and energy through our full-service nanny placement services, with targeted caregiver recruiting, intensive screening, and customized caregiver matching services. However, we know that some families prefer do-it-yourself options.

Our Peace of Mind Package includes:

  • One-year Agency Membership
  • Childcare References Checked (up to 3)
  • Background check:
    • Extensive criminal background investigation
    • Motor vehicle records check
    • Identity verification
  • Ongoing Support: advice on industry standards, proper protocol, employment questions
  • Mom’s Best Friend Nanny Professional Development materials covering Parent/Employer Relationships, Professionalism, Situational Role Playing, Physical Care, Domestic Tasks, and Resources/References
  • Consultation with HomeWork Solutions, Inc. regarding nanny payroll taxes (optional)

The fee for our Do-It-Yourself packages is due when the screening request is submitted.

Price: $750 per candidate

  • The fee for our Peace of Mind Package is due when the screening request is submitted.
  • Please contact us if you are interested in the Peace of Mind Package at or 214-915-2755.